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If your healthcare provider has already determined that a Gilead treatment is right for you, then the Gilead Advancing Access® program is committed to helping you afford your medication every step of the way.

Whether you are insured, uninsured, or underinsured, Advancing Access is available to help you:

  • Lower your co-pay* and find other co-pay support, if eligible
  • Find and get financial support if you have government insurance
  • Find and get financial support if you are uninsured
  • *See specific terms and conditions at

Insurance Support

Advancing Access is available to help you obtain coverage for your Gilead medication, including support to help you:

  • Identify and confirm coverage and benefits
  • When your insurance or coverage changes
  • When you need assistance understanding insurance

Find out more about the Gilead
Advancing Access program:

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Enroll at by downloading and completing the enrollment form today. Or you can call , M–F, 9am–8pm ET.

Learn more about Everyday Mobile Support.

The Daily Charge® app provides tools and resources that can help support your day-to-day life with HIV-1 – no matter what treatment you're on.

The app can help you:

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    Learn more about HIV-1 and how treatment works

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    Set reminders to take your medication

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    Track your viral load and CD4 cell count

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    Get support for common help topics


You can download the app for free at

Learn more about Financial Support.